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The story of Royal Arabians, very few people know.  It is a story of family, togetherness, and admiration for a very special animal.  The true story begins with a young and fiercly strong girl in southern California.  Despite her families low income and no real background in the equine industry, Cindy secretly dreamed of having a horse.  Little did she know what the future held in store for her.
As soon as Cindy finished college, became employed, and could afford it, she purchased her first horse.  A paint gelding whos name was  Apache Dan that she trail rode daily after work.  As time passed, she owned several grade horses and loved to ride in the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico.  When Cindy became pregnant with her first child, she sold all her her horses, and moved into a normal suburban neighborhood.  She thought she had traded her horses in for her daughter Amanda.  However, Cindy was somewhat destined to live a life beside horses and that became overly apparent whe she had her first child.  A blond haired, Blue eyed girl, with a love of animals that was instantly identified.
Amanda loved all animals but was obsessed with horses.  Cindy purchased Amanda her first horse when she was 6. The horses name was Skyfire and quickly became not only part of the family but Amanda's best friend.  
There was nothing that could slow down the passion that developed and the joy in sharing that passion through mother and daughter.  As the years passed, the seeds continued to grow.  One Arabian horse was just not enough?  In 1996, Cindy met her solemate, Mark Davis.  Although he had no background in any ownership of animals, he loved the excitement the shows brought and soon became
involved in the industry as well.  As thier financial situation improved there were more horses purchased, and more shows, and more family fun. While Amanda was passionate about the horses every member of the family participated.  Rebecca actually showed Skyfire at a regional level, while Katie, Megan and Jonathan all attended horse camps and learned how to care for, love and appreciate the Arabian Horse.
In 2005 Cindy and Mark decided to take a huge step into the horse industry and purchased a farm.  Eventully all of Mark and Cindy's children worked at the farm, cleaning stalls and working horses. Growing up Cindy had always felt that only royalty could afford horses, so decided to call the farm Royal Arabians, and so the journey continued.
The current chapter in the Royal Arabians tale includes four locations in Arizona, over 100 horses, elite training facilities and the best management, trainers and staff in the industry.  
Royal  Arabians has grown from a single arabian mare named Sky fire, to incorporate Breeding, Halter training, and multiple performance disciplines in its offerings.
The family has gained a few additions in Cindy and Marks grandchildren recently.  Thier grandsons, Micah and Jordan Fraser love the horses and happily carry the torch of the family tradition ther grandmother began, and thier mother continues.  In August of 2016 the newest family addition occured when Rebecca and Morgan Pitkin added a grandaughter, Emmy Pitkin to the family. We know she too will love the arabian horse as there are horse lovers on both her Dam and Sire lines.
Throughtout the years, Cindy has maintained her love of horses and her dedication to the Arabian breed.  Royal Arabians story is not about all the horses purchased, the prizes won or the foals bred, its about one families adoration for a horse, and the journey that brings a family together.  It is our wish that all families can experience an anchor that brings them together regardless of what is happening in thier lives, as the Arabian horse has done for this family.  
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